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What Color is your Aura?


Every living thing is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field which is called an aura.  This energy field vibrates at different frequencies which is in direct correlation to your state of mind  and inner being.

Every color vibrates at its own frequency and is associated with the chakra system, which are the energy centers in your body, also referred to as the wheels of life. Your aura colors are determined by a combination of the physical body, mental state, emotional state, and spiritual state.

The colors of your aura are neither good nor bad. It is solely a representation of your state of being in this moment.

To see what color your aura is, we use a biofeedback system that is scientifically based. 


How it works:  You place your hand on the sensor for about 30 seconds.  The sensor translates your energy into color and a report is created based on the biofeedback we receive. We then go over  the report with you  so that you have an understanding of the results.  We will also email you a full copy of the report which is about 14 pages total.

This aura biofeedback report will give you insight into your personality, your true essence.

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