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FUZION-CODE™ works to personalize protocols for your specific and exact needs and through interactive discussion, will determine how many sessions will be required to achieve the best results. Often, a four-session program is designed to achieve an initial objective, and these can be delivered in-person, over the telephone, or on a video conference. FUZION-CODE™ is very effective and not restricted by in-person or remote sessions. The speed at which you embark upon a FUZION-CODE™ program becomes your choice. You may wish to travel at warp speed or you may choose to take your time and meander through this journey on a more casual timeline. The choice is yours, but the best and most sustained results appear to be achieved at a steady pace that allows time for personal processing of each step taken.

It’s said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and following a substantial protocol program, a FUZION-CODE™ maintenance plan can be established for your continued Pursuit of Wholeness.



These protocols do not diagnose, prescribe, or cure illness or disease. FUZION-CODE™ based healing protocols are designed and intended to be used in conjunction with other healing and healthcare based modalities. Results cannot be guaranteed. Best results are achieved when you enter the program with an open heart and an open mind. You may have taken years to get to where you are and instant results may be possible, but patience is a virtue!

Each of the following services include the release of trapped emotions. Certain general and common approaches are utilized for each FUZION-CODE ™ healing protocol and depending on your specific needs, additional protocols are created for a more personalized purpose and desired outcome. Basically, FUZION-CODE™ addresses the big picture before getting down to the details.


FUZION-CODE™ Chakra clearing is best described by relating it to a dust devil whirling around forcefully and haphazardly in the desert. They spin and gather up debris and when blocked up, begin to throw the dirt out of the spin-cycle. Even though we have many chakra points, in our body, seven areas are frequent targets for blockage that reduce physical and spiritual functionality. From the Root to the Crown Chakra, any and all can become blocked and they need to be cleared, filled with high frequency affirmations, and subsequently optimized. Once all chakra points are individually replenished with high frequency energies, optimization and harmonization is initiated so that all work together for a feeling of increased vigor and renewed outlook on life. You will be taught how to perform maintenance chakra clearing and optimization, but periodic deep clearing is always recommended. Think of your car. You top-off the air in your tires; you top up the engine oil and the washer fluid. You do minor work on your car but, when it comes to major repairs and periodic full-service work, you take it to a mechanic – or you should! Chakra clearing follows the same rule of thumb.



The release of Trapped Emotions often results in the lowering and even elimination of physical pain. Holding on to deeply trapped emotions may be the cause of career limitations, relationship problems, financial challenges, and health issues. The release of Trapped Emotions using FUZION-CODE™ protocols does not mean having to re-live traumatic events as in Talk Therapy and other counselling-based approaches. FUZION-CODE™ gently peels away one trapped emotion at a time and often, a physical pain begins to disappear almost instantly. Clients report a wonderful feeling of release followed by peace and calm in their lives. They gain greater clarity in their life path and want to continue with their journey to release even more Trapped Emotions to resolve myriad life challenges, including the release of physical pain.



Accessing the Akashic Records for personal spiritual conflict resolution and raising of consciousness for elevated personal advancement. Akashic Record work is not a psychic reading, but places focus on a person’s subconscious memory of conflicts that have been unresolved and continue to affect behavior in an unwanted and unhealthy manner.  Dr. Erich Hunter calls these Akashic Imprints and they manifest themselves as repeated mistakes that occur over and over again. These recurring mistakes or behaviors often become major life challenges and may be a part of several other life-challenges that hold you back from being the best that you can be.



The journey of developing self-love and self-compassion is the initial building block of healing relationships with others. If you don’t or can’t love yourself, how can you truly love someone else? By beginning your FUZION-CODE™ journey with self-love, a life of unconditional love can be embarked upon meaning that past hurts may not negatively influence the great life and wonderful relationship that lays ahead of you. Your FUZION-CODE™ journey begins with the development and increase of self-love and personal forgiveness and then branches out to other people, past, present, and future. Without self-love and self-forgiveness, true love may always be something you see others experiencing. Change this with FUZION-CODE™.



Mammals have the same bodily, chakra, cellular structure, aura, and emotional feelings as humans. Animals also have trapped emotions and deserve to have the opportunity to have them released so they can live a happier life. Dogs that fuss may have a trapped emotion that when released, calms them down. Dogs can also become depressed and this may be a result of a distant or recent trapped emotion. FUZION-CODE™ for animals provides an approach to healing that “furry friends” benefit from in the most wonderful way.



Negative Entities exist and at some point in your life, they will appear and possibly wreak havoc on all aspects of your existence. Negative Entities may be formed through interaction with low consciousness and low vibrational people. These are the people you’ve encountered that are always negative, find fault in everything and when asked “How are you today?”, respond with a comment such as “Well I’m vertical so it can’t be that bad!” How does that make you feel? Unfortunately, everyone has had someone enter their lives that fits this description and whether they attached a psychic cord to you or just brought you down with their general negativity, the after effects can be devastating but at the very least, prevent you from living your best life ever and becoming your One-True-Self. You may experience an unexplained illness or pain, behavioral negativity, and a general feeling of heaviness around the home. All of these may be the results of the presence of Negative Entities. Home and Personal Clearing utilizing FUZION-CODE™ protocols can be very effective in raising the vibrational and consciousness levels that elevate your general and specific well-being. People often report that they feel lighter and instead of having a sinking feeling when they get into bed, they almost feel as if they’re levitating and rising up off the bed.



Many people turn to affirmations for manifesting financial abundance or getting out of debt. Whilst positive affirmations are an important factor for changing your current situation, if fundamental blocks persist in life, resistance will always be present, and it may result in a one step forward, two steps backward experience.  FUZION-CODE™ Financial Healing examines and releases the root cause of what’s holding you back from attracting the money you need to reduce and remove financial debt and move into a more abundant and wholesome lifestyle.



Weight gain may be the result of excess calorie intake over metabolic burn off, bodily fluid build-up, trapped emotions, or low frequency energies in the auric field. When someone has tried several diet programs with disappointing results, a more fundamental issue may be present and the clearing of these low frequency energies, combined with somegeneral adjustments to lifestyle, may assist with weight management goals. FUZION-CODE™ addresses the presence of low frequency energies and systematically works to remove them to give you a better chance of finding that body size you’ve always wanted.



How do you know if the supplements you’re paying for are the most suitable for your best health? Using the power of Radionics, first discovered by Dr. Albert Abrams at the turn of the 20th century, you can determine if your supplement collection is serving your best health interest. FUZION-CODE™ Radionics protocols will assist in determining if any adjustments to product choice and dosage are necessary to provide a balanced and effective supplement selection for your health needs.




Detoxification, either in part or whole, is necessary for optimum bodily performance. Utilizing advanced FUZION-CODE™ based Rife technology protocols, full detoxification can be accomplished in-person, or remotely. A complete detoxification can be an extensive exercise working through the examination, identification and removal of, for example, chemical, parasitic, and metal-based particles. Remote detoxification employs a quantum entanglement approach whereby you are in one location and the test center is in another. In-Person treatment uses direct contact transducers that typically speed up the process of detoxification. The direct approach, combined with remote protocols, provides a boost followed by a gentle steady-state approach to detoxification .



The world of quantum energy healing is wide, varied, and deep. So many maladies can be treated using today’s advanced technologies and whilst person to person direct contact remains the most effective approach, remote work can be equally effective although the elapsed time from start to finish for “remote” may be longer. The wonderful part of remote monitoring though, is that you can go about your life without traveling to a healing center.  Additionally, you don’t need to remember to perform a protocol because when utilizing remote treatments, it’s all taking place from a central facility 24/7.

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