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Creating an Intentional New Year

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Happy New Year! Does it seem to you that 2017 left us quicker than any other year, or is it just me? Maybe time moves faster with age. I don't know, but I'll leave that for another blog post or for someone else to theorize. I've been seeing quite a few facebook posts discussing a word of the year versus a new year's resolution and that got me thinking about my own goals.

This morning while I was browsing facebook, one of my friends posed this question: What did you learn in 2017? My mind first went over all of the things I learned at my job and to information that I gained from books I read. But really, when my intuition kicked in and I pushed ego aside, what came to me was quite surprising. I learned that I am much more driven than I had previously thought. 2017 inspired within myself an ambition and motivation that had lain dormant for nearly a decade. Why is that so surprising, you might be wondering. Well, because for the past several years, I've been quite lazy and content with my situation. I only worked part time and on my days off I would spend it watching TV or taking a drive to go explore, and I never thought of myself as ambitious. The status quo was always good enough. Today, with a simple question posed on facebook, I discovered that I aspire to be more than mediocre and I really am quite powerful and can manifest my desires into reality.

So......... back to the word of the day versus a new year resolution. I've never been good at making new year resolutions because I don't hold myself accountable. You know how it goes, "This year my new year's resolution is to lose ten pounds." and then you discover that instead of losing the ten pounds you actually gained fifteen.

I wasn't planning on doing the word of the year either but it started resonating with me on a deeper level. I began to think about what I wanted to attract for the new year and what I needed to work on to better myself as a person. I meditated on it and the word that came to me was this.


I chose this word because I believe that our thoughts create our realities and our words carry vibrations of different frequencies and the higher the frequency, the better the outcome. I really need to work on the thoughts I think and the words I say because sometimes I have a really sharp tongue, especially when driving in traffic. My goal is to raise my vibes with more positive and loving words for myself and those around me. Like attracts like. I want to attract abundance and positivity and I can do that by censoring myself. I think having one word to represent my future year is going to force me to take a good hard look at myself in the mirror and notice what I am reflecting. Do I want to reflect negativity or positivity? The power is all mine and I accept it with an open heart.

Do you have a word of the day or did you make a new year resolution? What is the word you chose for yourself or what goals did you create? How did you go about the process of choosing?

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and abundant new year. May you always have enough of what you need.

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