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Pranic Healing: A Unique Holistic Approach

Most of you reading this article probably all ready know what Reiki is and the benefits it provides. Like Reiki, Pranic Healing uses life force energy to speed up the process of the body's innate ability to heal itself. It does differ from Reiki in how the treatment is given. Reiki uses hands-on, light touch throughout the session, and the client is usually lying down face up on a massage bed. During a Pranic Healing treatment, the client is sitting in a chair and the process is strictly a no-touch form of holistic healing. The process is precise.

Briefly put, there are three stages, or three parts to a Pranic Healing session. First, the Pranic Healing Practitioner will scan your body or auric field for any abnormalities in your energy. Next, the practitioner will perform a cleansing on the energetic abnormalities, clearing any blockages and dirty areas in the body's energy field. These blockages and dirty areas are what cause disease in the body. Once the energy channels are cleared, the practitioner can now replenish the the body with new prana or clean energy. It is called charging the area that has been cleansed.

Who Is Dr. Choa Kok Sui?

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui is the founder of the modern day Pranic healing. Sadly, he passed away in 2007, however, his legacy lives on in all of the books he authored. He has written 27 books on spirituality and Pranic Healing. In addition to being an author, you can add teacher, mentor, scientist, and philanthropist to his title. His life is quite interesting.

How Will Pranic Healing Enhance My Life? (A question asked by many)

Whether you are a practitioner of Pranic Healing energy or the receiver of it, you will benefit in many different ways if you are regularly maintaining your auric field. One of my favorite things about this healing practice is that it puts you in a state of mind to attract good fortune and become more prosperous in your life.

If you'd like to experience deeper inner peace then Pranic Healing may be the way to go. For one, it facilitates spiritual growth at a much faster speed than other types of energy healing. Like Reiki, it too, can eliminate anxiety and stress, it improves memory and concentration, and it enhances interpersonal skills. In addition to all the spiritual growth and mindset shift, it also helps the physical body with relieving cold symptoms, as well as major illnesses such as with liver and kidney problems and others.

Here, at Eclectic Reikiology and Metaphysical Center, we offer Pranic Healing Sessions. Thelma Hernandez is a Pranic Healing Practitioner here and she learned from Joseph Wong who was mentored by Master Stephen Co.

During Tony Robbins seminars and retreats, Master Co is an invited guest at these events. Tony Robbins learned many techniques from Master Co.

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