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You Make the World a Better Place!

Hello, Beautiful Stranger,

It's been awhile since I've written a letter to you and for that I apologize. I do think about you often though and I wonder how you're doing and if you have everything you need.

Today, I want you to know how worthy you are and that you make the world a better place by being in it. There is no one in the world like you. You are a unique human being on your own journey in this space we call life. Another thing I'd like you to know is that you are strong and brave and beautiful. Your smile lights up those who are lucky enough to see it.

You have taught me so much and for that I am thankful. Keep on being the brave, strong, person that you are and next time I see you, I will make sure I smile your way. XOXO ~JL~

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. I used to write random letters to strangers and leave them in various places around town. No two letters were ever alike. I often wondered who found them and if it made a difference in their day. How I would have loved to have had a camera filming the recipient as he or she opened the envelope to read my words of encouragement.

In addition to writing a letter to a stranger, I thought I'd share some ideas and tips on how you can spread random acts of kindness today, and every day.

If you don't want to write a letter to a stranger, you could pen a thank you note to a pal or someone in your family letting them know how much you appreciate them. It doesn't have to be a great work of literature or a piece of prose to make an impact. Just two words will do. Thank You! Your family member will recognize that you took the time to acknowledge them. Saying it verbally, doesn't quite have the same profound impact as writing a note.

How about instead of complaining about a bad customer service you experienced, praise someone who gave you good customer service. Send them an email or text message if you don't want to handwrite a note. Not only will it make that person feel a sense of pride, but it will make you feel wonderful for reaching out.

Give someone a smile as you pass by. When you flash your pearly whites, you're not only elevating your mood, but you're passing it on to others as well. Smiling is the greatest compliment you can share with another person. Can you remember a time when someone really genuinely smiled at you? I bet it made you feel a rush of happiness coarse through you. Smiling doesn't cost a thing. It's free for everyone and it adds years to your life.

Stop and smell the roses. Literally. Pick a flower and give it a stranger or someone you know. A rose is high frequency flower and it will immediately raise the vibration of the atmosphere, which in turn raises the mood of the people in that environment. One can't help but smile when given a pretty flower.

You can buy groceries for someone in need. You can also create blessing bags to give to those who need essentials such as socks, handwarmers, toothpaste, combs, etc. Your imagination is limitless as to what you can put in the bag. Keep the bag or bags in your car and hand them out next time you see a homeless person or just someone who is down and out.

Keeping a Random Acts of Kindness jar is a reminder that people are generally kind. Each time you witness a Random act of kindness, write it down on a piece of paper and put it into a jar. You can do this for a week, a month, a year. The amount of time doesn't matter. What matter's is that you are storing memories of kind acts which aid in lifting your spirits when you are feeling ill will towards people, feeling agitated or sad or whatever. Just pull out one of the pieces of paper and it will make you smile recalling the memory of the act that you witnessed.

Check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation here for more great ideas and links.

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