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4 oz. Spray bottle.  Choose from one of the seven chakras.


Root: Success.  When you need your efforts to work and be effectve, it al starts in your root chakra. Spritz a little or a lot of Success in your aura to charge your energy from the bottom up.


Sacral: Love. When the struggle gets too real it's time to tap into your Sacral Chakra to help you feel the healthy loving energy that surounds you.  Spritz a bit of Love in your aura ad feel the power of love fill you.


Solar Plexus: Confidence. When you feel the need for a hero, it's time to tap into your Solar Plexus and be the hero to save yourself. Spritz a little or a lot of Confidence in your aura to power up everything.


Heart: Healing. Emotional pain sucks. When you are ready to heal, begin with your heart chakra and spiral the healing to the rest. Spritz Healing liberally in your aura to begin uplifting the hurt.


Throat: Empowering. Your words hold great power and when you are at a loss for them it is time to liberally spritz the Empowered spray to help open your throat chakra and set those words free.


Third Eye: Clarity. When your thoughts are muddy and stuck, it's time to look into your 3rd eye chakra. Spritz a bit r a lot of Clarity into your aura and get focused.


Crown: Answers.  Miracles come when you open your crown chakra and let divine answers flow in. When you are at a loss, Spritz Answers in your aura and watch how you co-create every day miracles.

Chakra Magic Personal Spray

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