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The mission of Eclectic Reikiology is to provide a comfortable and cozy space for others to enjoy, relax and feel at home.  Our goal is to provide educational resources to our customers and clients for their personal growth and spiritual development. We want to empower others to find their purpose in life by encouraging them to follow their heart and ignite the flame that already resides inside of them. We pledge to always work with integrity and service others from a place of love, compassion, honesty and open mindedness without judgment.


Hello, I'm JarieLyn.  It might sound a bit cliche' or pretentious to say that I have found my calling and I love what I do, but it's true.  I never intended to be doing energy healing, it really wasn't even in my realm of consciousness but the universe worked its magic on me and I fell under its spell. Here's how it all happened for me.  It's kind of a long story so I hope you make it to the end.


After seven years of owning and operating a private investigations business, I was stressed to the max, burned out, bored, and I was experiencing some health issues.  So, I closed the business which at the time was difficult to do because that business was my baby. I had nurtured it from a start-up into a full-blown successful company. I had clientele from all over the country and financially, I was doing very well. In April of 2009, I closed my doors and became a full-time housewife.  I loved it. I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I had time for myself and for my husband. In a way, it was the most freedom I have ever experienced.  Those years allowed me to dabble in many hobbies and truly express myself in ways I hadn't before. I joined the Nevada Camera Club and became secretary of the executive board for three years. During that time, I also became a semi-professional photographer for a short while, photographing weddings and quinceaneras. I enjoyed it as a hobby but soon realized I wasn't having fun when I was hired to take photos so I ditched that brilliant idea.  I wasn't cut out to be a professional photographer.  But I still had plenty of time to explore and that's exactly what I did. I took lots of road trips, vacations and cooked nice dinners for my husband and myself. eventually, even though I still liked being home I began to get restless. I wanted something else to do. 


I started seeking out classes where I could develop my psychic abilities and mediumship. At the time I was looking, I couldn't find anything in Las Vegas.  The first class I attended was in Corona, California, which is about a four-hour drive. Soon after that class, I stumbled upon the Ganesha Center which led me to the Spirit Within and eventually, The Enchanted Forest Reiki Center.  I had no idea what Reiki was and when I found out I was a huge skeptic. But as you all know, God, the Universe, the angels and spirit guides work in mysterious ways.  I won a raffle for a free 60-minute Reiki session.  The lady did it out of her home and though I didn't feel anything or experience anything life-changing, I knew I felt relaxed and I enjoyed the session. I immediately booked another session with her and then again, and then I booked a session for my husband. He liked it too. Then I started booking sessions at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center. I still had no desire to take Reiki classes. None, zero, zilch. I just enjoyed pampering myself. I was perfectly content.  But then...........


Divine intervention wormed its way into my personal space again. Well, that's not entirely true, I asked the universe to intervene in my life because I needed a sign, some direction in my life. (I still enjoyed my freedom that being a housewife afforded me though and I was fairly content) So, as I asked my spirit guides in my new journal to show me a sign, literally just a few minutes later I received my first sign via an ad on Facebook about reiki certification. I didn't see it as my sign so I pushed it aside. I wasn't interested in Reiki. Sometime later there was a second sign about Reiki and again, I pushed it out of my mind. Still not interested, I thought. But when the third sign came in the form of a text message from an acquaintance asking me to take a Reiki 1 certification course with her, I knew this was what the angels and my guides wanted me to do. So I did.  And then I kept evolving and growing and I still am. I will always be constantly evolving, growing, exploring, and learning. It's in my nature and I want to share what I know with others so that they can find their true purpose. Life is good. 

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