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How Do I Know?

This blog post is inspired by a customer who came in the other day looking for answers. She is new to all things metaphysical, new age, occult and such. Moments after she arrived she became emotional and began to cry. She was embarrassed. She wanted to know why she was crying. It was more of a theoretical question to herself rather than a question directed at me, but I assured her there was nothing to be embarrassed about and that it happens all the time.

I was impressed by her curiosity and the amount of questions she asked on a variety of subjects. Her most important question though was this, and it's one we get all the time. How do I know if I'm going through an awakening? "You standing here and asking that question is a sign that you're going through an awakening", I replied.

Just the words, "spiritual awakening" conjures in my mind an image of someone being struck by lightening and who is then suddenly blessed with the ability to read minds or talk to the dead or have other super psychic abilities that weren't there before. We've heard true stories of people being struck by lightening or having been injured traumatically who emerge from it as being suddenly psychic. So in rare cases, I suppose that is a spiritual awakening, but in an entirely different way. The brain has been injured or damaged in some way for this to happen. Remember the movie, Phenomenon, starring John Travolta? Although it was completely fictional, it is similar to some of the true stories I've read, except in the movie, John Travolta's character transforms into a genius with telekinetic powers. It's fascinating, really.

So, what exactly is an awakening or spiritual awakening? If you're anything like me, I'm sure you've probably googled it more than once on your spiritual journey. There are as many explanations on the web as there are people. It can be a bit confusing. Some websites explain about all the physical symptoms such as headaches, ringing of the ears disguised as a "sign" that you are awakening. Others lament that you will experience pain as in the loss of a spouse or friendships that no longer fit into your life's path.

Personally, I don't think it has to be so dramatic to be meaningful at all. For me, and this is just my own opinion based on my experiences, I believe that we are always in a state of awakening. It's a process that happens gradually, day by day and is so subtle that we hardly notice. It is my thought that if we are aware of our faults, flaws, negativities, and judgements, and we take action to improve those things, no matter how small, that is us awakening. Any time we move towards the positive aspect of ourselves, that is soul growth. Little by little, day by day, we become more aware of our hearts desires to lead a meaningful existence. There is a shift that happens and we find ourselves seeking something more, something bigger than who we are in this moment. And then one day we realize that we are awakened. There was no earth shattering event that hurled us into suddenly being psychic, or having super powers, yet, we are more enlightened and we continue our journey knowing that we are all one.

So if you think you need a sign that you are having an awakening, just wondering about it means that you are. It's about being more consciously aware. And you are.

Raise your vibes! That's how you awaken.

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